Entre Amis

Entre amis style is a perfect blend of elegance, trend and character. The
Collection reflects the Dandy’s bohemian narcissism, together with the
timeless charme of the Neapolitan Gagà in the beginning of the XX century.


The Dandy and the Gagà are still undisputed icons of fashion, charme and
attention to details, updated to the current day, thanks to the original. Entre Amis’ spirit.


The quality-seeking, the aesthetic perfection worship, the sense of
tradition and the love for details in style are expressions of an authentic
passion for men fashion, of a constant search for the most refined fabric,
the most exclusive printings and the best sartorial technology, from the
washing to the finishing.

Entre amis pants give the wearer an unique allure and the appeal of a second
skin fit, the comfortable fit that makes entre amis an irrevocabile choice
in every occasion.