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Andrea Ventura

The taste of tradition that you can touch with your hand

Andrea Ventura Firenze shoes speak of a world where passion and tradition come together harmoniously and combine. A universe influenced by the place with a thousand-year history: Italy. In particular, Florence is the cradle where this story comes to life. Florence, which before Milan, was the capital of Italian fashion.


Founded in 2007 by the designer Andrea Ventura and the footwear model maker Iacopo Soldini, Andrea Ventura Firenze has set itself the goal of changing the face of the historic classic men's shoe, targeting a young and formal audience in search of innovative stylistic and functional notes.


The history of the brand continues today in Capolona, ​​the historic center at the foot of the Casentino and lapped by the Arno river, by the tradition of the Soldini family.


Quality and comfort:

Young formal elegance and soft emotions are the characteristics that most represent the Andrea Ventura Firenze brand.


The shoe adapts harmoniously to the foot and responds positively to all the needs of everyday life and work.


Who wears the shoe is invaded by pleasant sensations of comfort and well-being. A feeling of softness that is a consequence of the very high quality of the materials and of the craftsmanship that have managed to shape a classy, ​​unique and excellent product.


Andrea Ventura Firenze brings the culture of "handmade" back to the center.

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