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Duno comes to life from the intuition of a team of professionals linked by many years of experience in the Outerwear world, inspired by the need to create a new brand that is always attentive to market developments from every corner of the globe.

Duno is the vision of a new fashion company linked to the world of travel, in search of the perfect synthesis between style, quality and functionality.

The creative and stylistic process that accompanies the creation of our models embodies a metropolitan and elegant mood at the same time, ideal for dressing our Flaneur, our citizen of the world. We take care of the style of our garments down to the smallest detail with refined but not excessive colors and fabrics for a studied but not ostentatious perfection. Pure, light lines, delicately dashed on technical fabrics, useful for a purpose, which put the garment at the service of man and not the other way around.

The volumes are never excessive in one way or another, just like the colors are never bright. A mix between a selection of traditional classic pieces and garments from the technical wardrobe. Thus it happens that in the collections there are field jackets in heat-sealed nylon, tubular down jackets, coach jackets and trench coats with removable padding where a waterproof protective membrane is coupled to a beaten wool fabric. The classic windproof in technical fabric goes beyond the boundaries of activewear and arrives at the definition of a new formal casual, exalting itself in the layering of contrasting weights and volumes. Duno has the reassuring charm of an icon. A meeting point between the technical wardrobe and the city leisure. Garments with a minimal design that go well with the purity of absolute monochrome. A techno-sartorial short circuit, casual in the setting, high tech in the characteristics of use. No excess, no logo to dominate the clean lines. A brand with an eye to the future, a constantly evolving reality that hides its temporal continuum in the creation of its collections and reveals that usual union that materializes in the search for an essential design and in the creation of a sophisticated image that lasts in the time and that contains within it linearity and uniqueness.

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