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The roots of Altea lie deep in the elegance of late nineteenth century Milan, in the area between Via Verri and Via Montenapoleone, which later became one of the most important arteries in the geography of international fashion.


Over the past ten years Altea has been taking a particularly unusual path in constructing its clothing collections for men and women.
The Milanese brand has historically been a world leader in fashion accessories. Beginning from there, it has gradually built up a complete idea of the total look.


The distinguishing features of the Altea brand are a strong passion for colour, the use of personalised fabrics, meticulous attention to detail, and its reinterpretation of the sartorial codes for neckwear.
The new Altea factory resulted from an ambitious project by the Sartori brothers, who decided to concentrate all of their business activities in a single place.

In an age of outsourcing, their decision that design, creation, and manufacturing should be kept local ran counter to that trend, as evidence of a strong bond with the company’s tradition and reassurance that Italian quality would be maintained.

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